Work / Architecture

Kori is a 10'x40' installation designed and fabricated by OWIU Design for LA Design Fest 2019 located the ROW DTLA

Kori aims to test and explore the unique properties of acrylic by engaging the material through a bottom-up approach. It experiments with the concept of transparency, toying with the perception of depth that we are typically used to, in order to create a playful yet ethereal space. A description that is fitting with ice.

design team: joel wong, amanda gunawan, claudia wainer, sophia tsai, priyanka ranjani, hans steffes

special thanks to: isaac garcia, rodolfo hernandez, antonio ayala, mario gonsalez, manuel del castillo, jose velasco, romario perlata, jesus chuy trujillo, oswaldo veliz, garrett farmer, andrew atwood

photography by eunji kim

We encourage visitors to enjoy being in this entirely new space in any way you deem fit and bask in this experience that is now dictated by the form of Kori. Walk through the installation and follow the lead of the undulating shadows on the ground as you navigate through the pathways of fluctuating sizes. Or simply sit down and bear witness to the conversation between the noises of the night and the gleaming rays coming from the glow of kori.