Work / Furniture


The undulating curves enable flexibility in the amount of seats to table space ratio and beautifully blends into the space without any sharp edges.

Table Y is a custom piece designed for the Palmero house. Using a fluted concrete drum as a base, Table Y fits within a specific tight dining area. 



Made fully out of solid oak, the four tier shelf blends in seamlessly with it’s rounded curved edges

Made specifically for the Palmero house, the Hexa shelf is a modular shelf that connects with other hexa shelf in a linear or hexagonal fashion. 



Made out of a mixture of solid oak and oak ply, stained dark walnut

Table- 1 is a custom commission by a client to fit specifically within an existing dining nook. Made out of flat pieces, the legs are modular that enables notches on the table top to slide in seaml...


material- cnc-milled 3/4” acrylic, tinted polypropylene
dimensions- 60”x 30”x 46”

The ghost chair is modeled precisely to generate a new seating experience. It toys with the idea of invisibility, seamlessness and purity. Its presence is greatly seen and felt and yet at the same ...


The caustics line redefines a new typology for furniture design, completely eradicating the conventional notion of a standard chair. How often do we ask ourselves the question of what truly defines a chair?

We dissect this notion and invent this radical, new, state-of-the-art chair known as the caustics chair.

It is made to look unobtrusive in any given situation. Its inconspicuous lo...


The caustics chair combines the resilient ideologies of modernism whilst simultaneously, testing the threshold of today's technological capacities. Who says one has to exist without the other?

The key structural component of this chair is a single, continuous and bent 3/4 inch thick stainless steel tube. 194 points line this tube and with each point is its corresponding “alter ego” p...