Work / Furniture

The caustics line redefines a new typology for furniture design, completely eradicating the conventional notion of a standard chair. How often do we ask ourselves the question of what truly defines a chair?

We dissect this notion and invent this radical, new, state-of-the-art chair known as the caustics chair.

It is made to look unobtrusive in any given situation. Its inconspicuous look and unassuming disposition is not, by any means, a reflection of its intricate beauty. Afterall, true beauty never outrightly calls for attention unto itself. Built and designed with cutting-edge technology and construction techniques, the caustics furniture line revolves around the theme of subtlety and quietness while providing us with the illusion of, floating.

Caustics is an optical phenomenon when light rays are reflected and refracted by a curved surface or object. This phenomenon serves as inspiration due to its gentle yet outrageously unique form. The Caustics Line attempts to translate this very natural optical effect into products, converting caustics into a 3 dimensional form and then takes it one step further by giving it functionality in our every day lives.