Work / Interiors

Fortune House, a 1,540 square foot property running along the Arroyo Seco in East LA. A preservation of historic elements and the essential structural layout while shifting its energy to reflect Asian heritage.

Fortune House was designed as a conversation - a spatial dialogue between cultures, work and life balance, aesthetic and utility. It was built to reflect the evolving needs of contemporary creatives who are quickly outgrowing their traditional working environments. For Chan and Kim, and for Gunawan and Wang, efficiency of space is manifested when design enables both productivity and peace of mind. Beyond the function of the design, the poetry in the space is the nostalgia woven through the house but most prominently on display in the kitchen. The openness and ease of the kitchen and communal spaces sparks memories of old traditions, the importance of family, and the generosity of food. At the same time, the updated design invites the inhabitants to create new traditions, to use memory as a template to generate new experiences. Like so much of OWIU’s work, Fortune House makes no judgment value between the new and the old but instead seeks to marry the two in order to create new balance.