Work / Interiors

Our approach for this home office renovation, and for all our design consultations, is to ensure that incorporate the needs of our client. For this project, the main objectives were to improve the overall working environment for Remi, and Nate, and to provide thoughtful storage solutions so that the work area can remain tidy and organized.

Creativity is an important aspect for anyone working at home these days, so the office design uses warm materials to provide brightness into the space, and minimal decorative elements like the wood fluting, and stone coutnertops to encourage visual comfort.

We oriented the work spaces to the windows so that the sunlight is always behind the computer screens and to also incorporate a nice view of the backyard while working.

The storage cabinets take advantage of the existing wall space and closets in order to free space at the center of the room so that there are no circulation obstructions. The desk and cabinets also act as a continuous object in the space and is a focal point when you enter into the room.

OWIU Design Team: Joel Wong, Amanda Gunawan, Claudia Wainer, Eduardo Cortazar