Washi explores the use of paper as a material and investigates ways of integrating art with architecture in a way that can be universally appreciated and practical.

The washi paper used was made by isao nakamura, he is 70 years old, last person to still manufacture washi by hand in the tokushima region. This is relevant because in japan every prefecture has something that they specialize in and tokushima specializes in washi. Two types of paper was used. One is konjac washi. It is opaque and really strong and hardy. The other one is the gridded washi that is translucent and has a delicate raw look to it.

OWIU devised a system in order for it to work practically. Came up with a lighting metallic lighting grid that drops from the ceiling and the washi is attached to wooden rings that are magnetic that attach to the metallic grid, so you can easily detach and attach it as well as move it around along the grid. Very representative of our firm OWIU, only way is up that basically talks about progressive design not in a way where we disregard the past but find ways to bring the things about the past that are so great, to the future by using the contemporary tools that are available to us now that weren’t available then.

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