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The former record shop turned 55-seat restaurant and bar features meticulously thought-out spaces designed to provide unparalleled dining experiences in an unexpected setting.

OWIU Studio unveils its design work for GOHO Kaiseki & Bar, the all-new 55-seat restaurant where the Proper Concepts hospitality group offers Japanese cuisine enthusiasts an immersive space for elevated, affordable kaiseki dining. GOHO Kaiseki & Bar is an extension of the previously unveiled RAPPU handroll bar. It is the third collaboration between Proper Concepts hospitality group and the Singapore-Los Angeles-based OWIU Studio.

We sought out to reimagine the space for a Kaiseki restaurant and bar fit for the 21st century,

veering away from the look and feel of quintessential high-end Japanese restaurants. Instead of using typical wood counters and decor, we opted for a material palette that was raw,

desaturated, and industrially modern,” notes Joel Wong, Principal of Los Angeles-based design firm OWIU and Co-Founder of Proper Concepts. This design approach is apparent by using raw patina-ed sheets of metal at the restaurant entrance, setting the tone for the rest of the space.