micheltorena outdoor
fireplace & mud room

OWIU reimagines a distinctive Californian backyard for journalist Jaclyn Johnson by transforming a minimal poolscape into a central entertaining feature for her home. Inspired by the existing curvature of the terrain, OWIU created an enclosure that also serves as seating along the perimeter of the space. Hand formed with concrete and smooth stucco to soften the lines, this enclosure mimics the organic shape of landscape and guides the eye naturally to the centrally located fireplace. The fireplace was custom built with tiles from Fireclay.

The adjacent mudroom was completely re-designed to utilize a previously unused corner of the home. Keeping the functionality of the room in mind, OWIU installed wall seating in white oak with a hidden storage feature. Precisely applied fluted white oak was also used on the walls and blends the seating into the walls seamlessly. The fluted walls reference the soft curves of the outdoor space with rounded corners, unifying the two spaces.

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OWIU Design - 1
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