goho kaiseki & bar

OWIU Studio unveils its design work for GOHO Kaiseki & Bar, the all-new 55-seat restaurant where the Proper Concepts hospitality group offers Japanese cuisine enthusiasts an immersive space for elevated, affordable kaiseki dining. GOHO Kaiseki & Bar is an extension of the previously unveiled RAPPU handroll bar. It is the third collaboration between Proper Concepts hospitality group and the Singapore-Los Angeles-based OWIU Studio.

“We sought out to reimagine the space for a Kaiseki restaurant and bar fit for the 21st century, veering away from the look and feel of quintessential high-end Japanese restaurants. Instead of using typical wood counters and decor, we opted for a material palette that was raw, desaturated, and industrially modern,” notes Joel Wong, Principal of Los Angeles-based design firm OWIU and Co-Founder of Proper Concepts. This design approach is apparent by using raw patina-ed sheets of metal at the restaurant entrance, setting the tone for the rest of the space.

The chic, modern and elevated space is split between the 2nd floor of a conservation shophouse and an intimate mezzanine, which serves as a lounge for diners to retreat to before or after their meal. Diners can look forward to a season-driven menu that pays homage to the art of Kaiseki alongside a refreshing curation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage pairings.

The main space features dark-washed special-effect ceilings and boasts an integrated 11-meter long green marble bar for diners to experience and witness the restaurant’s talented chefs preparing each dish. The bar extends towards the end of the restaurant, where it becomes the alabaster backlit bar station for crafting the menu’s bespoke cocktails.

The bar sits under a 5-meter double-volume space with floor-to-ceiling, custom-built shelving, displaying alcohol bottles and Japanese artifacts.

In collaboration with local carpentry firm Baremetalco, the restaurant features custom chairs designed and fabricated to ensure diners and guests enjoy the utmost comfort while in the space.

As one experiences the space, the GOHO logo will be recurring in the design and surfaces throughout. The logo represents the five ways of cooking – Nama (Cutting), Niru (Simmering), Yaku (Grilling), Musu (Steaming), and Ageru (Deep-Frying) – made out of petals that converge into its center point. The motif is present on the ceiling’s 4x8 meter installation, illuminating the space while tying together the various visual elements of the restaurant.