rappu handroll bar

Housed in a heritage-preserved shophouse on Duxton Road, in the commonly referred to as the neighbourhood with a bustling dining and bar scene, OWIU Studio’s design for RAPPU is based around the preservation of two shophouses and transformation into one structure. With the intention to preserve the charm of the heritage shophouse, OWIU Studio maintained the exposed timber ceiling beams and raw concrete flooring to still showcase the industrial-chic aesthetic of the original space while reimagining it as a chic restaurant.

For the design of RAPPU, OWIU Studio thus had to deploy intelligent solutions in order to accommodate a counter bar that could seat up to thirty persons. The studio’s approach required creating a 6-meter-long (19.6-feet) opening of what used to be 0.3m wide load-bearing brick. A steel post and lintel system with newly-poured foundation was thus required to replace a bearing of this scale. The overall layout of the bar was also designed parametrically to optimize guest and staff circulation and kitchen to diner workflow. OWIU Studio also aided in the overall branding of the new restaurant and worked closely with top ceramicist Ayu Larasati from Indonesia in designing custom ceramics and other wares.

RAPPU is a specialty hand roll omakase sushi concept that has officially opened its inaugural location in Singapore. “Omakase” is the Japanese word for “chef’s choice” and is a common concept in traditional sushi bars. Omakase is centered around a bar behind which a chef serves his or her customers directly. An ambitious idea and the first of its kind, the design concept for RAPPU’s new restaurant features a single continuous quartz bar, spanning close to 20-meters long and seating up to a total of 36 diners.